Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Snake Guy!

We were lucky enough to have Josh, the snake guy, come a share his snakes and what he does. Who would have thought there would be such a need for snake removal in our area? And we are not talking about the little guys in your garden, but 10-20 foot pythons and boas. Yikes! Better him than me.

The kids had a great time. Josh brought a bunch of snakes, a couple turtles and scorpions, an iguana, and gecko. And he was kind enough to let the kids hold most of them.

Just check out their faces. This was a once in a life time experience for most of them.

The little ones thought the snakes were cool, too. I thought they might be scared, but no. Lots of smiles and giggles.

Alexis is holding George. A Ball Python. George and his mate are pets of Josh's. We couldn't hold the female because she is caring eggs at the moment.

Here a bunch of the group hold Josh's seven foot albino boa. Can you believe this guy has free rain of the bedroom. I can't imagine waking up with this next to me.

Thanks Josh for a great day, and thanks to Shelia for setting this up.

Check out more photo's on the Kelley Family Blog!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boston Overnight Poll

Planning has begun for our overnight field trip to Boston.
  • We are looking at a Thursday through Saturday in the month of September. The actual dates are dependent on the availability of the church. (Leslie J. is working on the church accommodations, more information to follow. We will be giving them a donation)
  • Thursday morning we will leave Conway to arrive at the church around 10:00am. Next stop will be Boston Common for a picnic lunch and a Swan Boat ride! Then off on a scavenger hunt for the first half of the Freedom Trail, including Old South Meeting House and the Old State House Museum and many others, ending at Faneuil Hall. From there it is off to Long Wharf to board a harbor cruise. We will end in Quincy Market for dinner. Then it will be back to the church for an evening of games or movies.
  • Friday we will start the day at the USS Constitution and then finish the second half of the Freedom Trial with stops at the Old North Church and Paul Revere's House. Arrive on Long Wharf just in time to board the Tall Ships. Both the Science Museum and the Children's Museum are open Friday evening.
  • Saturday is your family's choice. Hook up with another family or explore on your own.
I know you are going to ask about the cost. Admission to all the above attractions is included in the purchase of a Go Boston Card. You can purchase two days to cover the events we have planned or three days to give you FREE admission on Saturday to your choice of over 70 Boston area attraction. We've done the math and this is definitely a savings. This also gives us options in case of bad weather. We could go to the Aquarium or other museums because it is all included in your pass.

Each family will be responsible for their own food, we are looking into the Quincy Market group dining pass for one or both of the nights dinner ($9.00 per person).

Please note that this is the plan, and is subject to change based on poll results, weather and group size. So it is important to let us know if you are interested or not. Please leave comments on this post if you have any idea, input or questions. Also please let us know if your family is interested via the comments section or the yahoo group.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brass at the Big Top

Here are a few pics from the last Portland Symphony Orchestra Kinderconcert we went to the other day! It had a circus theme and was lots of fun! One of the trumpet players was so nice to come and chat with the kids afterward.
He showed the kids all the parts and answered their questions!
Hope to see you at the next concert, Percussion the Beat Goes On in Fryeburg on May 17th! Please let Liz K know if you are coming.