Monday, November 8, 2010

Free Candlelight Concert at Fryeburg Academy December 12th

December 12th at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Free Admission
Book tickets and save seats at the Fryeburg Academy website
Christmas Music

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Co-op is coming!

The co-op registrations are done and in the mail. Please be on the look out for yours. The turn around time is short, but hopefully this will prevent the paperwork from getting lost.

There are lots of really wonderful classes - music, art, foreign language, science, dance and so much more.

Important Dates: Registration and 1/2 tuition due to Elizabeth J by Monday, October 11
First day of Co-op and balance due Monday, October 18

If you are interested in joining our co-op or would just like a little more information please leave a comment on this post or contact us via email.

This is so EXCITING! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boston Trip Ininerary

Hi all
Those of you going on the Boston trip will want to print this out, but I also thought everyone else might like to see what we are doing in Boston. :) This is all tentative, but I have called most of the places to confirm details. Let me know if you think of something I may have left out. This trip is going to be sooo memorable for the kids! WOW! Sorry there is so much text below. :)

Tentative Boston Itinerary

7am meet at Conway Public Library for departure to Boston

10am Approximate arrival to Church, unload and head to Public Gardens

12pm T (pay $) to Public Gardens, lunch at the Make Way for Ducklings statues
Swan Boats
Snack _____________
Ritz Carlton lobby (reference to Trumpet of the Swan)
Boston Common (pasture land, British army, Boston architecture)
Snack _______________
State House (cod fish)
Granary Burial Grounds (Egyptian entrance, 4 famous people)
Snack _______________
Old City Hall (1st public school, elephant, Ben Franklin statue)
Snack _______________
Old Corner Bookstore (Dickens, Emerson, Longfellow, Thoreau)
Potato Famine memorial
Snack _______________
South Meeting House (Boston tea party, museum shop)
Snack _______________
Old State House (lion/unicorn, Boston massacre 5 died)
Snack _______________
City Hall Plaza (Ziggurat, bricks, teapot)
Snack _______________
Holocaust Memorial (SILENCE & observe, discussion at end)
Fanueil Hall (grasshopper, weaponry museum)
Snack ______________
DINNER Quincy Market and enjoy vendors and entertainment as long as desired

7:30 option
Free concert at David Friend Recital Hall
Arrive early for seats
On Boylston St between Boston Common and Fenway park
T (pay $) home to church


8:30 T (pay $) to Copp's Hill Burial Ground (revolutionary bullets in tombstones)
Snack _______________
Old North Church (climb bell tower)
Snack _______________
Paul Revere's House
Snack _______________

Lunch Christopher Columbus Park at Harbor edge

2 ½-3 hrs Aquarium visit (I know it sounds short, but it is the only spot I could fit it)
Snack _______________
3pm Tall Ships (2 hour harbor cruise)
Snack _______________

Dinner North End Italian Food MMMMM yummy!
After dinner
Play and hang out in Rose Kennedy Greenway (used to be the old Expressway, now a 1 mile park filled with vendors and a carousel $3/person) This wasn't open when I used to come to Boston. Should be interesting. Carousel open till 9pm? Visit
Didn't find any concerts in Boston Friday night
T (pay $) home to church


8:30am T (pay $) to USS Constitution & Museum (opens 9am-gets crowded should arrive early)
Snack ____________
Free Trolley to Long Wharf or $2.50 for Water shuttle bus to Long Wharf
Boston Harbor Cruise (first cruise 10:30 departs every hour-45 minute cruise)
Snack ____________
Lunch Pick a Wharf to eat on and watch the waves and boats and seagulls
Free trolley to next adventure
Pick an Adventure: (The rest of the day is open to your preferences-all free with go Boston card)
Museum of Science
Museum of Fine Arts
Children's Museum
Fenway Park tour 9-3pm Red Sox have a home game, tours end before batting practice begins
50 min walking tour start every hour on the hour
Tomb Adventure 11-5pm recreated 3,000 year old tomb, 45 minute adventure, located next to Fenway park

T (pay $) home to church
Costs of T:
$2 per ride x approx 6 rides per person = $12 per person
OR purchase an unlimited week pass for $15

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June and July Events

Here is what we planned at the monthly planning meeting the other night:

June 14th
- Tennis 9:30am @ Davis Park
June 14th -Music Class 12:30 @ Mt. Top Music

June 17th - History Mystery 10:30am @ Schouler Park. There are no spots left for this if you have not already signed up.

June 18th - Emerald Pool Hike (this will not be rescheduled). Meet in the parking lot at 10:30 with a picnic lunch and we will eat at the pool. We also will be planting a letter box as a group! To find out more about letter boxing click here. Also here is where you can find the clue to our letter box planted at Sabbaday Falls.

June 24th - Book Club 2:00pm @ The River Church
Younger - Little House in the Big Woods
Middle - Treasure Island
Older - The Daughter of Time

June 28th - Strawberry Picking 8:30am @ Schatner Farm. After picking we will get together for a strawberry taste testing extravaganza! Each family should make a strawberry recipe and then we will set them out to share! Please decide what you are going to make and then share it one the yahoo group. The recipe can be assembled before or after picking depending on what it is, kitchen space will be available.

July 1st - 4th of July t-shirt making and parade decoration day! We will meet at 10:00am @ the Kelley's house. We need to come up with a design for the T-shirts before this date and collect the materials. Be watching for emails concerning this on the yahoo group.

July 4th - 4th of July Parade 2:00pm in Conway Village. This year our theme is patriotic! We will be sporting homemade t-shirts and red white and blue. Kids can decorate their bikes (or mom's with strollers) and ride or walk together to promote our group and our love for the U. S. of A!

July 5th - Monthly Planning Meeting 7:00pm at the River Church

July 9th - July Hike...more info coming soon!

July 12th - Raspberry picking and Earl Family Farm tour. More info coming soon!

July 22nd - July Book Club 2:00pm @ The River Church
Younger - Little House on the Prairie
Middle -
Older -

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This was posted through the yahoo group, but thought I would share here for those who aren't on the group. HINT - join the yahoo group! So far there has been a lot of interest in this so I am sure it will be going forward. It looks like the practices will be in Fryeburg. If you have questions you can post them in the comments here.

I spoke with Mike Mendonca, the Lovell Rec Director about coaching a fall homeschool running club. He is interested, if we can gain enough interest in our group. He would need at least 10 children to commit to meeting to run weekly. He would also need some amount of compensation, though he understands we are all on tight budgets. If i have clear commitment from enough children, I will go back to him and see what he can do for us. Hopefully, we can find a day/time which will work for all who are interested.

This would be a cross-country type program, with lots of fun thrown in. Basically, learning proper running technique and running on trails and through fields. We didn't discuss an age minimum, but I am thinking school age with a desire to run long distances? He coached a program like this for some Florida homeschoolers and was impressed with their organization and commitment. They even had running shirts made-up and called themselves HEAT(Home Educated Athletic Team). He also coaches a running club for New Life Christian Academy in Fryeburg.

There is a 5K in Lovell the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so maybe the goal for some would be participating? It is run around the athletic fields, so it's not a road race and is appropriate for all ages...even babies/toddlers in jogging strollers! Lots of fun,prizes and good food after.

A little about Mike: He is a Christian dad with a lifetime of experience running and training others to run both for the military and as a Recreation Director. He is a bi/tri(?)athlete and trains daily. He leads a weekly bible club for teens at Fryeburg Academy called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He also coaches Nordic skiing for the Rec and Middle School while leading exercise classes for the Rec. Coolest of all, he is a *super* nice guy, is patient, kind, soft spoken and cheerful and *loves* working with kids. My boys think is Superman. :-)

Let me know if you have any questions and if you think your children would be interested. We can bounce thoughts around and try to decide by the August Mom's meeting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boston Trip Update

Thanks for the feedback on the Boston trip, it looks like there is lot's of interest and our trip is a go! There have been a few questions that have come up since posting the first information and we are going to try to shed some light on them. We will be discussing the trip in more detail at the Mom's Meeting on Monday June 7th. Most people have asked about an estimated cost, we have tried to break it down for you here:

                                            Adult                               Child
Go Boston Card             $90.00                              $55.00
Church Donation           $2.00/night                        $2.00/night
"T" Transportation      $2.00/ride x7 (est)             <11  FREE
                                                                                   >12  $0.85

Other things to take into consideration:
Food - plan on 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners (one of which may be at Quincy Market for $9/person)

The majority of people are interested in fund raising. After some research we have picked a couple that will give us the biggest bang for our buck.

Pizza Hut Card: We would sell coupon cards offering 6 "FREE Medium Pizza with the purchase of a Large" AND 6 "$5 off any purchase of $20 or more" / no expiration. The card costs us $4 and we sell them for $10 and make a $6 profit/card. A child that sells 11 card will have paid for their entire trip minus food.

Yard Sale/Bake Sale/Car Wash: Each family will get their own spot to sell what ever they would like including yard sale stuff, fresh veggies from your garden, eggs, brownies, cookies, crafts, plants, toys, or anything they want to get rid of.  :)  Plus a car wash.

 If anyone has any other great fund raising ideas please feel free to share.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Snake Guy!

We were lucky enough to have Josh, the snake guy, come a share his snakes and what he does. Who would have thought there would be such a need for snake removal in our area? And we are not talking about the little guys in your garden, but 10-20 foot pythons and boas. Yikes! Better him than me.

The kids had a great time. Josh brought a bunch of snakes, a couple turtles and scorpions, an iguana, and gecko. And he was kind enough to let the kids hold most of them.

Just check out their faces. This was a once in a life time experience for most of them.

The little ones thought the snakes were cool, too. I thought they might be scared, but no. Lots of smiles and giggles.

Alexis is holding George. A Ball Python. George and his mate are pets of Josh's. We couldn't hold the female because she is caring eggs at the moment.

Here a bunch of the group hold Josh's seven foot albino boa. Can you believe this guy has free rain of the bedroom. I can't imagine waking up with this next to me.

Thanks Josh for a great day, and thanks to Shelia for setting this up.

Check out more photo's on the Kelley Family Blog!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boston Overnight Poll

Planning has begun for our overnight field trip to Boston.
  • We are looking at a Thursday through Saturday in the month of September. The actual dates are dependent on the availability of the church. (Leslie J. is working on the church accommodations, more information to follow. We will be giving them a donation)
  • Thursday morning we will leave Conway to arrive at the church around 10:00am. Next stop will be Boston Common for a picnic lunch and a Swan Boat ride! Then off on a scavenger hunt for the first half of the Freedom Trail, including Old South Meeting House and the Old State House Museum and many others, ending at Faneuil Hall. From there it is off to Long Wharf to board a harbor cruise. We will end in Quincy Market for dinner. Then it will be back to the church for an evening of games or movies.
  • Friday we will start the day at the USS Constitution and then finish the second half of the Freedom Trial with stops at the Old North Church and Paul Revere's House. Arrive on Long Wharf just in time to board the Tall Ships. Both the Science Museum and the Children's Museum are open Friday evening.
  • Saturday is your family's choice. Hook up with another family or explore on your own.
I know you are going to ask about the cost. Admission to all the above attractions is included in the purchase of a Go Boston Card. You can purchase two days to cover the events we have planned or three days to give you FREE admission on Saturday to your choice of over 70 Boston area attraction. We've done the math and this is definitely a savings. This also gives us options in case of bad weather. We could go to the Aquarium or other museums because it is all included in your pass.

Each family will be responsible for their own food, we are looking into the Quincy Market group dining pass for one or both of the nights dinner ($9.00 per person).

Please note that this is the plan, and is subject to change based on poll results, weather and group size. So it is important to let us know if you are interested or not. Please leave comments on this post if you have any idea, input or questions. Also please let us know if your family is interested via the comments section or the yahoo group.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brass at the Big Top

Here are a few pics from the last Portland Symphony Orchestra Kinderconcert we went to the other day! It had a circus theme and was lots of fun! One of the trumpet players was so nice to come and chat with the kids afterward.
He showed the kids all the parts and answered their questions!
Hope to see you at the next concert, Percussion the Beat Goes On in Fryeburg on May 17th! Please let Liz K know if you are coming.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Tennis Week One

A few shots from week one of Tennis!

The kids have been having a ton of fun with Mrs. Thorne!

She plays lots of fun games with them, this one is bounce the ball as many times as you can!
The littles had fun playing in the sand and swinging at the little playground right next to the courts!!
Join the group Mondays at 10:30(ish) at Davis Park in Conway if your kids are interested in learning more about tennis!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Science and Technology Fair

There is an article in the newspaper advertising a local science fair. It said for 7 -12 grade, with a dead line of this Friday to register. I spoke with the women and she said call if your child is not in 7th and is interested. Maverick will be doing a project and is super excited. Call the Technical School for more information.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Skating at the Ham - Week 2

We are right in the middle of a month of homeschool skating at the local ice rink. It has been an awesome time - lots of friends and exercise to boot. This past week we had over 40 homeschoolers on the ice. I wish I had gotten them all in the picture.

A few the kids are just learning, and doing great! I just love all the little ones in the picture below.

The teen pack!

We ended the day with the Zamboni! Boy is there a lot more to that machine then I realized. Next week we are going to get a tour of the refrigeration rooms! Too cool!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun with Fondant

Everyone had a great time in the kitchen at our FUN WITH FONDANT class. Everyone brought a small cake and learned how to cover and decorate it with fondant. It was a ton of fun and no where neat as difficult as I thought it would be.

Here are all the fabulous spring colors of fondant.

All the kids were able to pick a color of fondant to cover their cake. Then all the extra was passed around to use to make decorations.

Here Kevin and his mom start rolling the fondant. We rolled it on pieces of wax paper with a dusting of corn starch.

Looking good James.

Ian's cake is all covered. Not to start decorating.

A bunch of circle waiting to be placed on some one's cake.

Alexis, Hannah and James hard at work.

A work in progress.

A couple of finished cakes.

Check out some more pictures of our day at Heartfelt Homemaking - The Jette's family blog. You will also find the fondant recipe there.
Also at The Kelley Family Blog

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

String at Sea with PSO

I just posted some pics from the Strings at Sea concert with the Portland Symphony Orchestra on our blog! Come on over and check it out!
The Kelley Family

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jean to Skirt Class

This coming Monday night at 7pm, is the Jean to Skirt class. It will be held at the First Baptist Church in North Conway, next to Zebs. Park in the back of the church, pull into the Movie Gallery parking lot on Kersarge St., and go all the way back to the dirt part. Go to the right and you will see the back of the church. Park were you can and go into the door in the back and then down the stairs. Here are the things you will need to bring. If you have a sewing machine, please bring it. You will need a pair of paints that you have ALREADY pulled the inside seam apart.

A yard or more of material, and sewing stuff. I.E, thread, scissors, pins, a jean needle for your machine, and any embellishments like lace or patches, etc.. The fuller the skirt you want the more fabric you will need. Your skirt can be long, medium, or short, it's up to you.Also if you bring another pair of jeans that you can cut up, we can do a few other cool project. Like a small pocket purse.

So bring your jeans, supplies, and imagination. Please let me now if you are coming and if you are bringing a sewing machine. Hope to see you there.

Free Trial Art Lessons

I spoke about this at the mom's meeting, and here it is. Maverick and I found an on-line art course for homeschooling family's. We tried the 4 free lessons and really like it. It was easy for Maverick to understand, and yet not below an adult. Have a small amount of art background I found the lessons clear, and well presented. We also loved that we did not have to go anywhere for the lessons, and could do them when we were ready. I am still looking into the membership and will share any information I get. But what I do know is it is $59.95 to sign up for a life time membership. The lessons have a video and a printable worksheet. They also have a place were you can buy supplies. Below is the link for the page, scroll all the way to the bottom for the free trial. You will get a new lesson once a week e-mailed to you for 4 weeks. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I saw this posted on a bulletin board and wanted to share. Advice to the Players are preforming Hamlet in Conway. Maverick and I will be going and we were wondering if any one else is interested. We will be attending the Sunday March 21st performance at 2:00. Below is a link to the web site with the information, and ticket prices. Please let me know if your are interested.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Book Club Selections!

Hot off the presses! Here are the books that have been selected for the April 1st book club meeting.

Mrs. McClure and Mrs. Bresset's group - Stuart Little by EB White (FYI Boarders Express has a read aloud version of this book on clearance for $9.99 and you can use your teacher discount. It is a nice, large, hardcover edition.)

ROCKET READERS 4-6 GROUP - Mrs. Cowland and Mrs. Ness's group - The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

Ms. Gormely and Mrs. Andrews' group - Silas Marner by George Elliot

Mrs. Thorne and Mrs. Lawrence have not yet chosen a book for the little ones, but since they don't need to pre-read it we should be okay.

If there are discussion questions or any other assignments your leaders will post or email them to you.

Hope you will all be able to join us in April!

Rocket Readers 4-6 Group

Yes, we are calling are selves the Rocket Readers. After a wonderful discussion on Johney Tremain, we are now looking forward to the next pick. So here it is.
The Sign of the Beaver:
The year is 1768, and the story takes place in what will eventually become the state of Maine. It tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy who is left alone in the wilderness while his father leaves to bring back the rest of his family. He must use skills he learns from the Indians who live nearby in order to survive. When he meets a young Indian boy about his own age, they grow together into manhood.
It is a exciting and wonderful coming of age story, the took place in New Hampshire back yard. Can't wait to see what happens.

Calendar Of Events for March and April

Here are the events and activities that were planned at last nights meeting. Please note that International Night has been bumped to April so that more families will be able to participate. Also, please keep watching for several trips and activities that have not been finalized yet and will be posted ASAP! This will include a trip to Remick for their maple syrup activities.

Tuesday March 2nd - Book Club, 2:00-3:00pm at the River Church with an hour of "free play" after.

Monday March 15th - Craft Night! This month we are doing a Jean to Skirt class where we will learn how to take a pair of jeans and make a cute skirt. We will be meeting in the basement floor of the Baptiste Church in N. Conway. Please sign up with Selena or Liz K.

Tuesday March 16th - Snow Day for ESSC participants.

Thursday March 18th - Swimming 2:00pm at the Eastern Slope Inn I believe the cost is $2 per person.

Monday March 22nd - Last Day of Pioneer Race skiing at King Pine

Monday March 22nd - Skating at the Ham Arena, 2:10-3:10pm. The cost is $4 per person, rental's included!

Wednesday March 24th - Fun with Fondant! 1:00pm at the River Church. Learn how to roll out and create fun shapes to decorate a spring themed cake using fondant. You will need an 8" cake and a rolling pin. Please let Dawn or Shannon know if you are coming so they can get a head count.

Monday March 29th - Skating at the Ham Arena, 2:10-3:10pm. The cost is $4 per person, rental's included!

Thursday April 1st - From 2-3:00pm will be a planting activity (maybe for Mother's Day) and from 3-4:00pm will be our next Book Club.

Monday April 5th - Skating at the Ham Arena, 2:10-3:10pm. The cost is $4 per person, rental's included!

Monday April 5th - Monthly Planning Meeting, 7:00pm at the River Church

Monday April 12th - Skating at the Ham Arena, 2:10-3:10pm. The cost is $4 per person, rental's included!

Monday April 19th - Craft Night this month will be learning the "art" of coupons! We will meet at 7:00pm at the River Church.

Monday April 26th - International Night - Our 5th Annual International night is sure to be a success. If you haven't participated in this event in the past you will want to. Set-up will be at 5:30 and we will start at 6:00pm at the River Church. Children or families choose a country to study and then present what they have learned any way they see fit. Most use foam or cardboard display boards found at Staples. Included are maps, flags, pictures, writing, models, art projects, costumes, money whatever you make or have. Everyone brings a dish from their country and we have a pot luck dinner. We also ask that you created a stamp or sticker that represents you country - think sticker paper and clip art. Each child will get a passport and the stamp from each country will be put in their passport when they "visit" the country. Lastly you need to submit four questions that can be answered by looking at your display. Two should be geared towards 3rd grade and younger. Two for 4th grade and up. These will be used to make a scavenger hunt for the kids. It helps them keep focused and really visit each display and learn something. This is a great event for dads to come to as well as to invite family and friends. In order to make the program for the event I will need to know what country you will be doing. Each child can do their own or you can do one as a family. Please email Elizabeth J to let her know what country you are doing and you questions.

Also be watching for the following activities:
Remick Farm
Amoskeag Fishways
Earth Day and Gardening
Goat Farm
Spring Road Clean-up
Red Cross Class
Fryeburg Fair Beef Expo
Spring Biking/Hiking
Fundraiser for a Boston Overnight

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun Charlotte's Web Activities

If you are reading Charlotte's Web this month for book club check out this site for some fun games and activities!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family Sledding 2010

We had a great day sledding this year at the Kelley seniors home! It was a beautiful day and we had the largest group ever at family sledding!! Here are some pics from our day:
Hannah and Emmy headed down.

Waiting for a turn!

A great place to watch all the action!!

Headed back up!

Watch out here we come!

We sang happy birthday to Ian and enjoyed cupcakes even though we couldn't get the candle to light because of the wind!
Enjoying cupcakes!!

This cupcake's a gonner!

Thanks to Nana and Bumpa Kelley for having us!!! It really was a great day and we are looking forward to the next!

Here is a link to the Kelley's Blog with more pics from our day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Feb18th, 2pm - Sledding in Conway on West Side Road (the big field across from the end of Passaconway Rd)
Not skiing
on Thursdays this year? Join the Eastmans, Bressetts and others for a day of sledding.

Wednesday, Feb 24th, 10am to 1:30pm Remick Farm Ice Harvesting Program and more - This was a pre register event. So you should know if you are going or not. If you are interested and didn't sign up be watching your email for someone who may want to sell their spot. Don't forget to pack a lunch!

Monday, March 1st, 7pm Mom's Meeting at the River Church - Bring your calendars, events, ideas and questions and help us plan the next month of activities.

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2pm Book Club PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
Book Club has undergone some revisions. Selena did a great job getting the ball rolling with book club. A big thanks to her. Discussion at the mom's meeting made it clear that lots of families want to participate but the idea need to be tweaked to fit. So here is what we came up with.

Four different groups:
Preschool-Kindergarten (Elizabeth T.) - Story Time

1st -3rd grade (Christy & Dawn) - Charlotte's Web

4-6th grade (Selena & Melanie) - Johnny Tremaine

7th grade and up (Cindy A. & Sheila) - Inkheart

Each group has one or two moms that will facilitate the group. That is the name listed after the group above. These ladies are selecting the first book and forwarding discussion questions for their group.
Parents should read or have the child read the book prior to the book club meeting and have gone over the questions. Of course listening to a book is also a great option. A trick is to use the questions as a book mark so that notes, page numbers, etc can be jotted down as the reading is done. The preschool/kindergarten group wont have work to do before the club meeting.
At book club the facilitators will do just that. Their level of involvement will depend on the level of the children. They will be helping the children discuss the book and stay on track.
Finally the group divisions are not set in stone. If you or your child, for some reason, would like to join another group that is welcome. Reasons for this could include but not be limited to reading level, content, interest, already having read the book, etc. The only thing we ask is that you let the facilitator know that you are coming.

Tuesday, March 2nd, 3-4 - Constructive Play Time - After book club you are welcome to hang out for some play time. We will be having stations including a building room, art room and game room. Please bring your family's favorite game and some snacks to share.

Friday, March 12th 6pm International Night at the River Church - Our 5th Annual International night is sure to be a success. If you haven't participated in this you will want to. Children or families choose a country to study and then present what they have learned any way they see fit. Most use foam or cardboard display boards found at Staples. Included are maps, flags, pictures, writing, models, art projects, costumes, money whatever you make or have. Everyone brings a dish from their country and we have a pot luck dinner. We also ask that you created a stamp or sticker that represents you country - think sticker paper and clip art. Each child will get a passport and the stamp from each country will be put in their passport when they "visit" the country. Lastly you need to submit four questions that can be answered by looking at your display. Two should be geared towards 3rd grade and younger. Two for 4th grade and up. These will be used to make a scavenger hunt for the kids. It helps them keep focused and really visit each display and learn something. This is a great event for dads to come to as well as to invite family and friends. In order to make the program for the event I will need to know what country you will be doing. Each child can do their own or you can do one as a family. Here is what we have so far:
Jette - Peru
Thorne - Canada
Graves - Austria
Lawrence - Denmark

Monday, March 22nd, 7pm Ladies Craft Night - Jeans to Skirt Class - Join Selena and Liz as they teach us how to turn an old pair of jean or any pants for that matter into an adorable skirt. Please let them know if you plan to attend and they will get you a materials list and let you know what you have to have done BEFORE the class.

April - Skating at the Ham Arena
- Science Class

Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Club 4-6 Grade Group

This month the 4-6 group will be reading Johnny Tremain. It is a historical fiction, were a boy named Johnny is swept up in dramatic involvement with John Hancock and John and Samuel Adams. That will lead him to the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Lexington. Sounds like a good book. Here are some study questions and theme topics to think about while you are reading. Write down some thoughts and thing you liked and disliked about the book for when we meet. On Tuesday March 2rd. Happy reading. P.S Come with a few names for our group, we will be picking one that day.

1. In what ways is Johnny Tremain’s life shaped by the social and economic practices of colonial America on the eve of the Revolution?

2. What does Johnny Tremain reveal about marriage customs in colonial America?

3. What role does religion play in Johnny Tremain’s world?

4. Contrast James Otis’s rousing speech about the need for revolution with Samuel Adams’s attitude toward rebellion. Which do you think Johnny finds more appealing, and why?

Some bigger thing to think about.

1. How does Jonathan Lyte serve as a foil to Johnny? How does their relationship dramatize the tension between the colonies and Britain?

2. Compare how Rab and the Lornes influence Johnny’s psychological development.

3. How does Johnny Tremain address race in colonial America?

4. Why is the relationship between the colonists and British troops complex and often ambivalent?

5. Do you think Johnny Tremain would have helped the Whigs in their fight for independence if he had not injured his hand?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Club

So I hope you all were able to get the book for this month and are enjoying reading it. I found a great page with the questions and some activities as well. The link is below. Check out the questions, these are the ones we will be using as a jumping of point. I still have to post the meeting place, but I will do that soon. Happy reading.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Book Club

Here it is, the book for January. The Door in the Wall by Marguerite De Angeli. I have never read this book, but it looked very interesting. And not a girly book :).
It is a story about a young boy named Robin. And throughout life there is always a "door in the wall." Robin learns what this means with a handicapping illness, separation from his parents, and a castle siege. Set in Medieval England during the time of the plague, the story focuses on Robin's development of character. The novel takes in the sights, sounds, and smells of a bustling medieval city and contrasts them with the calm serenity of a monastic community; it describes the nature of travel on the highways and byways of medieval England.
That's got me wanting more. I will be posting the question soon. Hope you can join us.
If anyone finds an audio link like last time, please post it. Thank you.