Sunday, September 27, 2009


Good Morning Everyone,

Alot of you do not know me yet and I look forward to meeting you at the next Homegrown Explorers event. Hope you have enjoyed this warm beautiful weather this week :)

We decided at the Mom's meeting that we were going to go ahead and do the scarecrow contest at Settler's Green again this year and planned a organizational meeting for Tuesday before Art Class as Elizabeth had stated on her earlier email. We only had three families that actually showed up for the meeting and we came up with three different concepts and we were going to let the children vote after Art Class on which concept to do. We did get a little more participation on the vote and so a concept was chosen.

***The concept is to incorporate October being Fire Prevention Month and do scarecrows as fireman and a burning building and then include educational facts about fire safety & fire prevention. So this will be educational for our children as well as the public!!!

We can use the small framed house that is at the Kelley's house and then we just need to come up with fireman gear and make what they will need for fighting a fire, supplies for making the actual scarecrow and then are informational stuff to be included.

Question ** Do you still want to do this project and do we have enough people interested to do the project?? Please respond to my email address ASAP if you still want to do this event. The Judges Award for top scarecrow is $500 and that would go a long way in getting Homegrown Explorers what they need or a field trip that you would love to do but three families with a few children will not be able to meet this challenge, WE NEED YOU!!!!!

We understand that everyone is very busy and that is why we want to make sure that you want to do this. Monday is our next planned work afternoon for starting to put this together and then Tuesday before Art Class. They have to be ready for Friday Oct. 2nd so they can be dropped off at Settler's Green for judging. So time is of the essence to get this project off the ground. If we are going to do this then anyone that has access to any real fireman and we could tap into that resource that would be awesome. Would you please contact me?? either by email or call me at 603-662-5363

Again, I can not emphasize how important it is that if we are doing this project we need to know who is committed to helping so please let me know.

Have a great day and God Bless, Cindy Lawrence

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