Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Club 4-6 Grade Group

This month the 4-6 group will be reading Johnny Tremain. It is a historical fiction, were a boy named Johnny is swept up in dramatic involvement with John Hancock and John and Samuel Adams. That will lead him to the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Lexington. Sounds like a good book. Here are some study questions and theme topics to think about while you are reading. Write down some thoughts and thing you liked and disliked about the book for when we meet. On Tuesday March 2rd. Happy reading. P.S Come with a few names for our group, we will be picking one that day.

1. In what ways is Johnny Tremain’s life shaped by the social and economic practices of colonial America on the eve of the Revolution?

2. What does Johnny Tremain reveal about marriage customs in colonial America?

3. What role does religion play in Johnny Tremain’s world?

4. Contrast James Otis’s rousing speech about the need for revolution with Samuel Adams’s attitude toward rebellion. Which do you think Johnny finds more appealing, and why?

Some bigger thing to think about.

1. How does Jonathan Lyte serve as a foil to Johnny? How does their relationship dramatize the tension between the colonies and Britain?

2. Compare how Rab and the Lornes influence Johnny’s psychological development.

3. How does Johnny Tremain address race in colonial America?

4. Why is the relationship between the colonists and British troops complex and often ambivalent?

5. Do you think Johnny Tremain would have helped the Whigs in their fight for independence if he had not injured his hand?

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