Thursday, June 10, 2010

This was posted through the yahoo group, but thought I would share here for those who aren't on the group. HINT - join the yahoo group! So far there has been a lot of interest in this so I am sure it will be going forward. It looks like the practices will be in Fryeburg. If you have questions you can post them in the comments here.

I spoke with Mike Mendonca, the Lovell Rec Director about coaching a fall homeschool running club. He is interested, if we can gain enough interest in our group. He would need at least 10 children to commit to meeting to run weekly. He would also need some amount of compensation, though he understands we are all on tight budgets. If i have clear commitment from enough children, I will go back to him and see what he can do for us. Hopefully, we can find a day/time which will work for all who are interested.

This would be a cross-country type program, with lots of fun thrown in. Basically, learning proper running technique and running on trails and through fields. We didn't discuss an age minimum, but I am thinking school age with a desire to run long distances? He coached a program like this for some Florida homeschoolers and was impressed with their organization and commitment. They even had running shirts made-up and called themselves HEAT(Home Educated Athletic Team). He also coaches a running club for New Life Christian Academy in Fryeburg.

There is a 5K in Lovell the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so maybe the goal for some would be participating? It is run around the athletic fields, so it's not a road race and is appropriate for all ages...even babies/toddlers in jogging strollers! Lots of fun,prizes and good food after.

A little about Mike: He is a Christian dad with a lifetime of experience running and training others to run both for the military and as a Recreation Director. He is a bi/tri(?)athlete and trains daily. He leads a weekly bible club for teens at Fryeburg Academy called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He also coaches Nordic skiing for the Rec and Middle School while leading exercise classes for the Rec. Coolest of all, he is a *super* nice guy, is patient, kind, soft spoken and cheerful and *loves* working with kids. My boys think is Superman. :-)

Let me know if you have any questions and if you think your children would be interested. We can bounce thoughts around and try to decide by the August Mom's meeting.

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