Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Book Club

Book Club will be meeting on December 23rd at 10:30am. We will be meeting at the Conway Library in the meeting room downstairs. The younger group will meet in the children room for story time. Below are the question to get your readers minds thinking. This is not homework, just a good place to get the discussion going. I do need to give the library a head count. So far I have 13 kids and adults. Please let me know if you are coming. I also need a head count from the younger group. Can't wait to see you all there.

Topics for Discussion

1. Why do the townspeople fear the Alm Uncle? Why does Heidi not fear him?

2. The grandmother is permanently blind, yet Heidi manages to bring her light. Explain the various ways in which she does this.

3. How is Heidi's year in Frankfurt a positive experience for her? What does she gain from being there?

4. Grandfather wishes to keep Heidi at home rather than send her to school because at home "she is safe and will learn nothing evil." What does he wish to protect her from? Is his caution justified?

5. As Heidi gets ready to go home to her grandfather, she is careful to wear her red shawl and old straw hat, and she leaves her feathered hat behind at Brigitta's house. Why is what she wears so.....

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