Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book Club

December is just a crazy month. After getting so many people interested in book club I was super excited that the date, even as close to Christmas would be OK. Well I was wrong. Getting closer to the date people were dropping like flys, so to speak. Between last minuet shopping and some illness I have decided to move the date and location. I hope this works better for more people. The new date and time will be next Tuesday the 29th at the River church after Karate. Yes there is one more week of Karate as well. We will start at 12:30 for those that do not attend Karate. Well will still have story time for the little ones as well. I hope this works better. And if you cant make it no worries. We will be doing another book in January.
As for Karate, If you are involved please do your best to make it to this class. It will be the last class till after skiing is over. We will be reviewing lots of stuff and I will be handing out practice sheets as well. Please contact me if you are not coming and I will try to get one to you. Merry Christmas to all.

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